Digital Strategy: Pointed Questions

So ….. ya got a digital strategy?


You may think you do.  Below, you’ll find 5 questions to help you figure out if you really have a strategy, or if you’re just watching your people provide some content.  In the radio industry, there are a lot of DJs and promotion assistants posting not-so-brand-related content on websites and Facebook.  By the end of this column, you should know if you brand is acting strategically, or spinning your wheels.

If you work for a media brand of some sort, you have the traditional platform that people come to you to enjoy … probably your broadcast.  You may also have a website.  You might also be doing social media.  Perhaps you’re sending out emails to a database that your fans have signed up for.  You may already be doing some outbound texting.


Each of your platforms should be someplace that your fans want to go with your brand in mind.  Each of them … your broadcast, your emails, social media, website, whatever … should all have integrated, branded content.  In other words, if you play Today’s Hottest Hits with Booty & Baby in the Morning, not only your broadcast should be centered around that.  Your website needs to be about that.  Your social media needs to be about that.  Each of your platforms should be a destination of some sort that relates to your brand.


So ask yourself:

  1. Is my social media always giving my biggest fans good, transparent reasons to repeatedly enjoy the brand again and again?
  2. When my fans hear something on my broadcast, do they find deep, focused information about it at my website?
  3. Do my database emails give my subscribers special content and extra reasons to enjoy my broadcast?
  4. On my broadcast, do my fans hear specific, credible, enticing reasons to sign up for my social media?
  5. Is my website clean, easy to use, and stocked with brand-related content and features my fans expect to find there?
So, how did you do?  Having a digital strategy is more than just being aware of technical options and tools.  It’s about having a brand vision and meeting your target with that vision where they’re already living … with the radio on, on Facebook, on the web, in their email.

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