Sunday Digital News: Predictions, Analytics & Voting

So here’s some of the news we’ve highlighted for you this week on Chris Miller Digital’s Facebook page.

2011 & 2012

I suck at making predictions, I’ll leave that to others.

Click here to read Mashable’s Digital Predictions for 2012

Click here to read What 2012 Holds for the Digital Marketing Industry – A Sneak Preview

What do you think of year-end retrospective news wrap-ups and such?  Generally, they leave me cold.  I think anytime is a good time to start a new time period in your life, and you don’t have to wait until the calendar gives you permission.  However, I thought this video was pretty cool.

Click here to watch 2011 Told Through Twitter – Year in Review


I know that the subject of web analytics is completely un-sexy.  There’s usually a ton of detailed information, and for those of us looking at TV or radio ratings, it can be a mystery what we’re looking at.

However, it seems to me the digital world is here, and we’re being judged on this stuff, and it makes sense to start to get a handle on it.  Don’t you want to know what you’re doing that’s working?

If you’re part of a radio or TV brand, your website probably already has some sort of analytics report available.  If you’re in TV, you’re more likely to be looking at this already than the radio guys are (sorry, radio guys, it’s true).

If you don’t have analytics readily available to you, here’s some info on what’s available through Google!

Click here to read How To Access the Best New Features in Google Analytics

Click here to read How to Get the Most Out of Google Analytics


Do you feel … as I do … that there are real parallels between getting people to follow and be a fan of your media brand, and running a successful election campaign?  If so, you’ll enjoy this one:

Click here to read Did Twitter Predict the Iowa Caucus Better than Pundits?


Your digital brilliance never fades when you stay up on stories like these … just follow our Facebook page.

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