No More Wasted Facebook Posts

The way this is all shaping up, it’s usually the jocks at radio stations who are doing the brand’s Facebook posts.  Plus, the pressure’s on to keep those Facebook posts coming.

Also, I suspect that there’s not a lot of guidance being given, because some of those Facebook posts are just lame, lame, lame … to the point of being counterproductive.  So, here’s a column for all the air talent… especially if your bosses aren’t giving you any guidance about what to post about!

It’s flat-out time to just stop posting updates like, “How’s your weekend going?” or “T.G.I.F!” or “Only 7 more shopping days ’til Valentine’s Day!”  Here are 5 quick rules to make you a Facebook posting master.


Ask this of your program director or promotions director or market manager.  What’s the purpose of posting on Facebook?  Getting people to listen more?  Getting them to visit the website?

Lots and lots of your leaders haven’t thought about this question.  You’ll look like a freakin’ genius for asking!


People who follow your Facebook page are often your biggest fans.  They joined to know more about your brand, not what funny videos you found.  Look for ways to get them behind the scenes of your brand.


Just like broadcasters, Facebook wants to keep people around on their site.  So, they make sure that certain types of posts tend to get shown on more pages.  Videos, pics and content links to other sites get more weight than just regular status updates.


Don’t talk AT them like you might on the radio.  As them questions to engage them, instead.  Or … just take a very personal tone.  That means honest, understated, and one-to-one.

Also … TELL them what you want them to do.  Post with a purpose.  Don’t just say “hi” or make some lame observation.  Again … think about Rule 2, and keep it about your brand.


If you post too often, people think you’re obnoxious and wasting their time and sucking up all the air on their Facebook page.

If you don’t post often enough, your fans think you’re not serious about engaging with them on Facebook.

So, make sure your brand posts at least once a day.

But don’t post too often.  If you post more than six times in a 24-hour period, make sure it’s REALLY good stuff you’re posting about.  You don’t want to risk your fans hiding your posts.  Leave them wanting more!


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