Sunday Digital News, 1/15/12

To make you even smarter than you already are about how to use your digital tools, here’s this week’s latest news you can use …


There are other music sharing services out there … but none so far with the fan base and membership of Facebook.

Click here to read Facebook Launches ‘Listen With,’ Lets You DJ for Friends

Facebook is highlighting their new ad roll-out with the heading, “Featured.”  Suppose broadcasters could start highlighting their commercials that way, he said sarcastically?

Click here to read Facebook Begins News Feed Ads Rollout


Need a little inspiration to get started on the new year’s projects?  Here are some advice and thoughts from some folks who’ve been there.

Click here to read 9 Facebook Marketing Success Stories You Should Model

Click here to read How to Adopt a Social Media Lifestyle

Click here to read 4 Things Someone Needs to Tell You Before You Go ‘All In’ with Social Media Marketing


“Stack digital dimes to match print dollars.”  Would all traditional media industries be in healthier shape if our leaders modeled this guy?

Click here to read News Exec John Paton is Out to Stop the Presses

Major League Baseball.  The most traditional of all traditional sports.  Yet, using social media, they got themselves a bunch of awareness and engagement from younger guys.  Check it out.

Click here to read How Two ‘Cave’ Men Brought Major League Baseball Into the Social Media Age


We media folks often have a particular person we’re writing for or talking to when we do our job.  When you use your digital tools … are you picturing the right person?

Click here to read Stereotype Debunked: Women Buy More Technology Than Men

Like you don’t have enough new year’s predictions already, he said sarcastically.

Click here to read 7 Social Media Predictions for 2012


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