If A Blog Falls In The Forest …

… and there’s no one reading it, was there any content?

Fact is, we know now what drives blog hits.  Content about a narrow topic … consistently presented … and distributed to an interested audience.

So, for radio stations, the easiest content to blog about is those topics that have to do with the brand.  For news/talk and sports-talk talent, it’s what they talk about on the radio.  Give your fans a way to learn more about what you say on the air, and a forum to weigh in on it.

For music stations, if you have a high-profile morning show, they should be blogging about what they talked about … and will talk about the next day.

Also, if you play new music, you can have a blog about new releases, downloads, concert tours, etc. in your format.

Maybe entertainment news fits with your brand.

Or … you can give the sales guys a hand with content that fits areas they’re targeting.  Home maintenance.  Gardening.  A daily easy recipe to fix for dinner.  Pet care.  New TV shows and movies coming up.

Blogs like these … and you’re lucky if you can get one started … can help drive some business in those product areas.  If you have a jock who’s passionate about gardening, and knowledgable about what it takes to keep up a nice yard in your area, they could blog once or twice a week about it.  Then, the sales department can sell sponsorships to that page; that jock can do endorsements in that subject area; and it never has to use “programming inventory.”  It’s all web content and commercials.

If you’re a jock who’s blogging about funny YouTube videos and talking about your life, I’m terribly sorry to break the news to you … you’re wasting your time.  Look for a subject to focus on that could get you better ratings (like what you talked about on the air, or a brand-related subject) … or more money, like one of the sales-related subjects above.

For more on this, click these links: Anyone Reading Those DJ Blogs? and Ways To Get More Web Hits On Your Jock Blogs.


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