Is Your Stream an Option or a Destination?

Last summer, I posted a few hints on how to upgrade your radio station’s online stream.  You can click here to read Clean Up Your Stream!

Now, I’d like to challenge you further.  Instead of just viewing your stream as a necessary option at your website, you can think of it as a special destination for your fans.

Yeah, I know you want to get the ratings for your broadcast.  Too many radio folks think that if they focus on their stream (or other digital platforms), they’ll take away attention from their big money-maker … what comes out of the transmitter into our receivers.

However, people are telling us with their online actions that the more we develop all our platforms … and integrate the rightcontent and community across them all … the more passionate they’ll feel about our broadcast.  So here are some ideas about how to do just that.


What can you do to make your stream a special destination, instead of a klutzy version of your on-air broadcast?  Think about what you do on the air.  Is there some special content you can offer?

For instance, if you’re a music station, you might promise to play more music on your stream, which means you should promote it on your stream as the special “more music” version of your brand.  Or, you might play a type of music that you don’t usually on your broadcast.  This might be music that’s too new … or too deep … or even too old for what you play on your own air.  Again, you’d want to promote this.

If you’re a talk station, what if you got your personalities to create special “behind the curtain” content, taking listeners further into the brand, and building a community?

Your advertisers create commercials that talk about “clicking on the listen box” to access more information … what could you do that’s special for your stream listeners using that simple technology?


What if you went totally commercial-free on your stream?

What if you let people vote on songs they like or don’t like, and create their custom version of your brand?

What if you let people vote thumbs-up or thumbs-down on EVERYTHING you ran on your stream, just so you could see how people are reacting to it?

What if you moved most of your contesting to the digital side, and people could sign up for emails or texts that would show up 10 minutes before every major contest with a link to listen online?

What if you just promoted the benefits of your stream on your broadcast and website and social media?


It takes special software (and sometimes special hardware) to make changes to our online streams.  Do you know how to use that stuff?

If you have to wait until the right production person is free to make changes to your stream, do your homework.  Learn how to use the streaming link.  Learn how to add and delete audio, and learn what you can and can’t do with it.  That alone will help you do a better job with your stream!


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