This Week’s Useful Digital News, 2/12/12

Here’s your exclusive summary of the week’s important digital media news every Sunday here at Chris Miller Digital.  Here, to make you even smarter than you already are, is what happened this week of interest to media brands:


Helping make it … and helping report it, that is.

The combination of social media and 24-hour cable news proved vicious for the Susan G. Komen Foundation recently; their plan to quit funding Planned Parenthood blew up in their faces.  While Planned Parenthood has been the center of controversy before, the Komen folks have worked hard to be focused on the issue of breast cancer and that alone … until now.  When it looked as if someone inside might have a political agenda, it caused several days of crisis for their brand.

Here are some recaps on the situation.  What does this teach you about potential crisis situations YOU might face?

Click here to read How Social Media Backlash Made Susan G. Komen Cave

Click here to read Lessons from the Komen Controversy

You can also see the Komen Foundation’s official response to this brou-ha-ha here:

Click here to watch Straight Talk from Ambassador Nancy G. Brinker, Founder and CEO of Susan G. Komen 

Meanwhile, one of the less-reported media stories lately is the Huffington Post‘s plan to invest in news video in a big way.  Plus, they’re not trying to become a new cable news network; they’re driving their plans toward the future.

Click here to read Can The Huffington Post Reinvent Cable News?


Have you checked out Pinterest yet?  It’s actually a pretty powerful site; it seems to be driving a lot of web traffic.  My sense is that its users tend to be adult women.  I also notice that a lot of traditional media folk I talk with don’t know about Pinterest yet.  Its appeal is certainly more narrow than a classicly hot web brand like Facebook or YouTube … but the usability of this site makes it entertainingly compelling for its fans.

Click here to read How Pinterest Is Changing Website Design Forever


Wanna get even better at this digital stuff, so you really start building your brand with it?  First, here’s a helpful piece with some email hints.  Yeah, you could improve your open rate, huh?

Click here to read Want People to Return Your Emails? Avoid These Words

What I’d like you to take away from this is that … for radio stations … you’re not limited to doing “nth caller” contests anymore.  You are only limited by your creativity, and what you can get your fans to do.

Click here to read Jason Mraz Launches Instagram Contest: Make Photo Art for This Song

Here’s a good use for Twitter.  If you follow my posts, you know I’m not a fan of Twitter.  You can get big numbers of fans … but it’s almost impossible to get them to follow up and take any action as a result.  However, if you just want them to enjoy or be informed by your content … you can have your talk show hosts or morning show team tweet their best stuff 24/7.

Click here to read Twitter Comedy: How to Be Funny in 140 Characters


So, why would ESPN have a section on their site where people could complain about the female announcers?  Plus … how many man-hours did ESPN management spend on this when it came to light?  Finally … if they had regularly inventoried their website content, and stuck to what people expected, how much time and embarassment could they have saved?

Click here to read the ESPN’s ‘Complain About Women’ Option Exposed by Twitter User


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