Thinly Veiled Marketing Message … With Useful Ideas

… with which you might make your brand more valuable without spending a dime.

After just over a year doing this wacky thing where I help broadcasters with their digital stuff, I’ve learned there are three areas to focus on to make that digital stuff work better for you.

  • Number one … is cleaning up your website and keeping it fan- and brand-oriented.
  • Number two … is setting your standards higher for your social media, to regularly put out engageable content that has to do with your brand.
  • Number three … is committing to find what will make people open and act on your database emails … or put high value on the texts you send them.

Now, I titled this “Thinly Veiled Marketing Message,” because in just a handful of months, you and I could address all three of these together, for a reasonable price, and impact your numbers in a meaningful way.   We can work together to set new standards and teach your staff what to focus on for maximum impact.

But let me at least start making you even smarter with a few thoughts about each of the three key areas, above.


Here’s the most important stuff that you can do to improve your website:  take off all the stuff that doesn’t directly relate to your brand.  Your fans expect to be able to hear something on your radio station, and then go directly to your website to learn more.  What does that tell you about what you should focus on when it comes to content?

Right, you can start by taking down all those news stories and video links and photographs that don’t have anything to do with your brand.  People don’t like busy websites; people like usable websites.

Then, think about what it is that makes you unique and that appeals to so many people.  Put THAT stuff on your website.  If you want some extra hints, click here to read my column entitled Brand-Building Web Content Check List.


Here, too, you need to stop throwing out tons of different types of content.  Facebook pages for radio brands show that there are a lot of busy radio folks posting content all the time with very little knowledge about what their fans are looking for.

You can’t make people engage with you … you can only give them the content that will entice them to do so.  If they engage with you about content that doesn’t have anything to do with your brand, it’s wasted effort.  If you talk at them the way you talk at them on the radio, they won’t engage with you.  So, you need to focus on what they love about you, and do so in a very one-to-one manner.

Unfortunately, almost no one on the air staff or in the promotion department or in the sales department knows how to talk with listeners; we just know how to talk AT them.  This is an area where style counts heavily.  You also have to be creative enough to try stuff and try more stuff and see what works … but you don’t just want to throw content at them indiscriminately.  They “Liked” you because of what they want from your brand … not just to know what’s on your mind.  You’re not a real friend.


The real challenge with the database emails we send out is that, in large part, they’re BORING and have little to do with what people love about us.

That’s why so many radio stations struggle to reach even a 10% open rate.  We’ve trained people that, even though there are things we do that make them feel good, we probably won’t get them any closer to them in the emails we send them.

Here, too, you gotta connect your biggest fans with what they love about your brand.  Do so regularly.  And do so with exclusive content that they can’t also get on your website or on your broadcast or in your social media.  There are some simple things you can do, and I can help you discover … for your brand … what those things are.

Texting is the same sort of thing.  I’ve signed up for radio station texts only to get sales messages!  I never gave you my cell number so you could sell me s#!t.   That’s as bad as sending out email about prescription-free Viagra.  If you’re doing this, pull the plug on it right now.  Or, send a text to apologize and hope someone reads it instead of automatically deleting it.  Texting can be a great way of sharing small bits of information that your fans care deeply about.  They will figure out very quickly if they appreciate it, or if they should just delete it.  Hope it’s not too late.


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