This Week’s Useful Digital News, 2/19/12

Here’s your exclusive summary of the week’s important digital media news every Sunday here at Chris Miller Digital.  Here, to make you even smarter than you already are, is what happened this week of interest to media brands:


Ever since Facebook did a soft roll-out on the new Timeline last year, we’ve known that new Facebook brand pages were on the way.

Now, we’re seeing that the end of February may be the latest target date.  We’ve heard other rumblings before, but these seem more substantial than earlier ones.

Needless to say, this is something for brands to stay on top of.

Click here to read Yes, Facebook May Debut Timeline For Brand Pages 2/29, More Sources Say


Well, my radio friends, it’s been a time when we have done a lot of soul searching about our relevance … and our ability to cover big news like this.  As others have pointed out, Whitney Houston inconveniently died on a Saturday, when most music stations around the country were voicetracked, or running syndicated programming.

Meanwhile, social media was on the scoop almost a half-hour before the mainstream media.  Not reliably so … the recent Jon Bon Jovi death scare comes to mind.  However, you can see how fast information flows in social media, when it’s unfettered by standards or staffing budgets.

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Loyd Ford has a great piece in Radio Ink that’s a quick read and a good summary of where so many radio brands are at with social media.

We brag about how many “Likes” but we don’t do anything to use them to help us reach our goals.  I know regular readers of this site have heard me preach on this subject!

Click here to read Success on Facebook is Not About “Likes”


Lots of broadcasters have missed the Pinterest craze so far … because they’re guys.

Pinterest’s membership is heavily female, and it’s a potential tool … or lifestyle item … that broadcasters should be aware of.  Especially if adult women are an important part of your target!

One quick observation:  I joined Pinterest, and many women I’m friends with on Facebook started following my Pinterest profile within just a few days.  I’ve hardly used Pinterest, yet more and more keep following me.

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Yeah, if you ask graphic-focused web designers, they’ll call these sites ugly.  However, what real people want is ease and usability.  No one goes to a website because it’s pretty.  Not more than once, anyway.  Your lesson:  look at your website; it is easy for real people to get the best of your brand quickly and easily?

Click here to read Why Are Ugly Websites So Successful?

I have mixed feelings about the whole app thing.  Smartphone users seem to have a lot of apps on their devices, but they also seem to only use a very small number of them on a regular basis.  iHeartRadio may have a future because of its sheer perceptual dominance.  Just looking towards the future … if apps are a feature with a limited shelf life, you may want to start thinking about the future.

Click here to read Mobile Sites vs. Apps: The Coming Strategy Shift

You may not be in the Public Relations industry, but if you’re a media manager, I’ll bet a good communications strategy is important to you.

So, here are some trends that you may learn something from.  Let these stimulate your fertile brain, and see what you get out of it!

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