The Countdown Show … #7 thru #4

Here’s more of my countdown show!  After a year of helping media folks create brand-building web content and social media, I’m celebrating that first year anniversary by sharing my ten most-read and most-shared posts.

If you missed it, you can read the first three (#10 thru #8) when you click here.  Today, you’ll discover #7 thru #4.  Read the top three here.


Reading a lot of broadcasters’ Facebook posts, it’s clear that we’re much more used to talking AT people rather than WITH them.

Asking questions is a simple technique to change that.  The title of this post, “Questions … Which Ones Work?,” implies that some are better than others.  When you can find interesting things to sincerely ask about … and they fit with your brand … you’re on the right track.

Last year, I wrote a series on what we could learn from different big, successful brands who had big pages on Facebook.  This one ended up being one of the most-read ones.

Click here to read CMD’s #7 post, Questions … Which Ones Work?


Many broadcasters … indeed, some social media “experts” who advise radio and TV folks … suggest that we talk to our Facebook brand fans as if they are our personal friends.

Unfortunately, people don’t “Like” brands on Facebook for the same reasons they reach out to personal friends, as is clear from “Your Fans Are ‘Selfish, Lazy and Ruthless’!”

Studies have shown that there’s a short list of reasons why people follow brands in social media.  In this quickly-read post, you’ll discover how that pertains to broadcasting.  It might be a real eye-opener to you, and could help you focus your message on the web about your brand.

Click here to read CMD’s #6 post, Your Fans Are “Selfish, Lazy and Ruthless”


Clean Up Your Stream!” has a bunch of ideas for making your online listening experience better.

Some stations are doing more to actually make their “Listen Live” streams more of a consistent destination for listeners.  They’re doing this with specially packaged music they’re playing … efforts to better integrate their brand across their platforms … and just paying attention to the quality of the listening experience.

Most radio stations will never do this, but some will get extra web hits through higher-quality streaming experiences.  That may lead, ultimately, to more quarter-hours logged on the broadcast, too.

Click here to read CMD’s #5 post, Clean Up Your Stream! 


In my “What Radio Brands Can Learn From … ” series, I brought to light for my broadcaster friends what some successful brands in other product categories are doing to win on Facebook.

The most-read of this series was not about a corporate brand, but about one guy.  Ben Walsh writes gags for the Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and his Facebook page is minimalist purity at its most simple.  You can see why in “What Radio Brands Can Learn From … This Dude Who Writes for Leno.”

I guarantee that if you look at your brand’s Facebook page after looking at Ben’s, you’ll notice how cluttered and unfocused yours is.  It’s a great lesson in thinking about what is driving your success, and how you want to use your digital resources to bring you more success … instead of just more work.

Click here to read CMD’s #4 post, What Radio Brands Can Learn From … This Dude Who Writes For Leno


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