The Countdown Show … The Top 3

Here, after a year of helping media folks create brand-building web content and social media, I’m celebrating my first year anniversary this month … by sharing my ten most-read and most-shared posts.

This started last week … if you missed it, you can read the first three (#10 thru #8) when you click here.  #4 through #7 are here.  Today, you’ll read the three most-read, most-shared articles from the last year.  I hope you find it valuable!


Radio stations are throwing a lot of content on their websites.   There are jocks now who not only work (or voicetrack) an airshift, but also have quotas they have to hit on how many pieces of information they have to get on the station website, and how often they have to post on the brand’s Facebook page.

However, there’s some basic stuff that your fans just expect to be able to easily find at your site.  I wrote about these features in a series called “The Boring Beneficial Basics,” and it ran through information that included the online stream, the list of songs that got played, and the morning show blog.  The most-read of these Boring Beneficial Basics is about your station event guide.

From format to format, people just assume that their favorite radio brand is going to know about things to do in town.  So, make this the responsibility of one DJ or promotion person, and get a solid list on your website of fun things to do.  Click the link below to learn more.

Click here to read CMD’s #3 post, The Boring Beneficial Basics:  Station Event Guide


It’s a shame that just posting more stuff on our websites doesn’t lead to more unique hits, more regular visits, and thus more revenue.  You can have some compelling, brand-based content on your website, but if people can’t find it … fuggedaboudit!  That’s why I offered this “Brand-Building Web Content Check List.”

It’s just a series of questions to help you remember who your target is, and then help you make sense of what you’ve got posted.

Click here to read CMD’s #2 post, Brand-Building Web Content Check List


The most-read, most-shared article I’ve written in the last year is about those “hot babe” galleries that so many male-skewing stations have.  My advice?  Take them down, as you’ll read in “Web Hits That Are Crack Cocaine.”

You don’t want to hear this, but ….. all other media are more brand-focused than radio stations are.  And this is where it’s most obvious.  Whether it’s traditional media like print or TV, or new media and new entertainment offerings in the digital space, they all generally understand the idea of online branding better than radio.

Getting rid of scantily-clad women from your website is not a question of morals.  It’s not a question of whether they get hits or not.  It’s a question of branding.

Click here to read CMD’s #1 post, Web Hits That Are Crack Cocaine.  And enjoy the pic of the scantily-clad hot babe while you’re there!

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By the way, thanks to the folks at Radio Ink for inviting me to be one of their featured bloggers.  You can see my first piece for them when you click here.


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