This Week’s Useful Digital News, 3/4/12

Here’s your exclusive summary of the week’s important digital media news every Sunday here at Chris Miller Digital.  Here, to make you even smarter than you already are, is what happened this week of interest to media brands:

Sorry, this is the weekly DIGITAL news


As we told you last week, we finally saw signs that the new brand pages for Facebook were on the way.

They’re a lot like the new personal timelines in appearance.  They’re supposed to allow for more content, longer content (not sure that’s a good thing), and more options for brand managers.

I’ve collected a few different pieces for you to see to read up on these new pages and new opportunities:

Click here to read Facebook’s official introduction, Introducing New Facebook Pages

Click here to read Facebook Brand Timelines: 6 Big Changes Every Marketer Needs to Understand

Click here to read Facebook Timeline for Brands: What Does This Mean for Marketers?


Mack Collier is a social media expert who is more than someone who can tell you what the latest hot social site is.  He’s a strategic thinker who focuses on the benefit of the communication rather than the latest and greatest hype.  I strongly recommend checking out this interview with him, especially if you’re using social media as just another stream of entertainment, or as a scatter-shot marketing channel.

Click here to read My One-on-One with Social Media Guru Mack Collier

Meanwhile, all you have to do is read most branded social media posts to know they’re being handled by people who don’t understand the concept.

Click here to read Should You Hire A Social Media Person? 


I think one either has to love or hate that the digital world is changing every time you turn around!

Pinterest is the hot new site that’s attracting lots of attention.  To me, that means you don’t necessarily want to automatically jump on it, in case the buzz is mostly hype with little substance.  However, what is impressive about Pinterest is its early strength with women … and those women are often working moms.  Seems like something that radio stations who target that audience would want to know about.

Click here to see 13 ‘Pinteresting’ Facts About Pinterest Users [INFOGRAPHIC]

Meanwhile, it turns out that Google+, the last new hot thing in the social world, is anemic compared to Facebook when it comes to time spent on the site.

Click here to read Google+ Users Spent Just 3.3 Minutes There Last Month


As a former program director, there were times when I wished the jocks had something like this that kicked in when they talked too long … </grin>

Click here to watch Quiet Please! SpeechJammer Device Cuts You Off in Mid-Sentence [VIDEO]


This week, I started writing a weekly online column for Radio Ink.  If you haven’t seen the first one, click the link below.

Click here to read Is Your Website Your Brand Yet?


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