More About Making Money From Your Stream

The best radio features are those that work for both of our big sets of customers … our listening customers, and our paying customers.

Here's a stream of money for ya ...

It doesn’t always happen.  When I was a program director, there were times we would do a programming feature or marketing project that the sales department couldn’t figure out a way to be a part of.  Sometimes, those initiatives are so important to the brand that you don’t want to dilute them with some other brand’s involvement.

But if you think about it, whether it’s a morning show feature, an afternoon traffic report, a noontime request show or a theme weekend … the things our listeners consider special are places that it’s valuable for sales to weave in clients.

My most recent weekly column for Radio Ink is about making money with your online stream.  There are still radio broadcasters who have just recently adopted this technology, and they’re finding that a three-step process is getting them there:

  1. Build for it … get your website, streaming, and all associate stuff as good as you can for what you can afford … this will be your infrastructure for making new money.
  2. Commit to it … top management has to make this a priority.
  3. Train for it … even if you have great sales people, they know radio, but not digital.  Get them up to speed so they’re confident, and produce for you.

You can read more about making money with streaming when you click here.

One reason that streaming is a great thing to try and make money on is that it’s a digital feature that people really want.  If you’re already streaming, you may have looked at your stats, and seen that your stream is one of the big draws for your fans to visit you online.

There are pages and pages at radio websites that are getting almost no hits.  However, your online stream will continue to get visitors month after month.  That’s because it’s something that’s of value to both listeners and advertisers.  You can post all sorts of content at your website, and very little of it will continue to get hits like your stream will.

You will hear arguments against streaming.  I’ve heard “streaming spots are so cheap compared to broadcast spots that it’s not worth selling them.”  However, one of the real value services we provide to advertisers is to get them on different platforms, and let those platforms work powerfully together.  If you buy streaming spots, you should be taking advantage of the ability to tell people to “click the streaming box” to get free coupons or other tactical benefits of listening.  You can use these to drive extra business in a timely manner.

I’ve also heard that we shouldn’t promote our online streams, because it doesn’t help our ratings … and it’s a diversion from our real product, which is what we transmit through the air.  This ignores which direction our listeners are moving in.  They’re already finding the convenience of listening online in certain environments.  Many of those folks are even listening on their mobile devices, which is the wave of the future.

If you want more food for thought about your stream, from a listener-oriented perspective, try these on for size:


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