Are You A Social Thinker?

When you find a brand spinning its wheels doing social media, you can generally assume it’s not a Doing Problem … it’s a Thinking Problem.  They’d be doing it right if they knew how to think about it.

Recently, I posted this article on the Chris Miller Digital Facebook page.   The headline is CEO Social Mindset: 25 Tips for a Healthy Social Business Mindset.  Instead of ideas for how to DO social media better, it’s thought-starters to change how you THINK about social media.

Think, then do.

It’s a good article.  But … 25 things is a LOT to try and change overnight.  So, I’ve picked out three that are the most important.  I still highly recommend the article; however, you gotta start somewhere!


22. Determine your business and marketing goals and objectives first. Do not plug your business into your Facebook page. Instead figure out how social media can plug into your business.

Lots of businesses have started doing social media because everyone else is doing it.  A friend of mine was telling me about a conversation with a guy who works for a major league sports team who started a Facebook page without knowing why they wanted one.  However, they started paying attention and learning, and after a while their social marketing was turning into a meaningful slice of tickets sold for each home game.

Save yourself some time and think about your business goals and how your digital tools can help get you there.  Hire a social media coordinator or talk with an  outside expert if you’re not sure exactly how to use your digi-stuff.


4. Social media is not just about you. Think teams and community, not silos, interruption marketing and spam coupons.

Lots of broadcasters are much less disciplined when it comes to what they post about on Facebook and Twitter than they are on their own air.  However, they haven’t taken the meaningful step to be transparent and two-way.  They’re just much more comfortable tweeting their promo liners, and trying to make this new medium like the one they already know.  It doesn’t work that way.  Rather than get unfocused with what you post, figure out how to become more open and transparent and collaborative about your brand in your social media.


11. Old dogs can learn new tricks. Even if you haven’t upgraded to a smart phone, still use the yellow pages phone book, there is still hope for you. Staying stuck in your ways is not going to move you forward. You might as well get out there and become part of the fun. Find others who you can relate to who are also learning. There are many in your same boat and you’ll be surprised how quickly you learn with just a little effort.

This week, in my Radio Ink column, you learned that radio sellers can sell streaming spots … they just need training in the digital world to know what the heck they’re talking about.

At the same time, oodles of air personalities have been turned loose on Facebook to post about the brand they work for.  They’ve been told nothing about the brand’s goals.  They’ve been told nothing about why big fans have “Liked” the Facebook page.”  They haven’t been reminded why people love the brand in the first place.  So, you get Facebook posts that are all over the lot, subject-wise.  Those posts have little or nothing to do with the brand, and don’t make the fans happy or grow the station.

They need training just like sales people do.  If you can’t have one person handling all your social media, working together with people from all station departments, then it’s time to bring in a consultant or trainer to work with your people to help them understand your biggest fans’ expectations.

Now, get started on fixing that thinking problem!


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