Don’t Overlook These Powerful Web Features

Your website, database emails, social media … are you focusing your success with your digital tools, or de-focusing it?

In my most recent piece for Radio Ink, called “Website Basics You May Be Overlooking,” I showed four key features of your website that your fans a) expect to find, and b) want to use on your site.  They’re:

  • your online stream;
  • a list of songs you played, if you’re a music station;
  • a guide of local events, chosen with your target in mind; and
  • a morning show blog that re-creates what your funny, entertaining or controversial show talked about on the radio.

If you’ve read that article, now I’d like to give you a few thought starters for how to turn this content into on-going brand-building power for your brand.   While this is not a complete list of everything you can do, I hope it gets your creative juices going.


Three ideas to promote your stream:

  1. Tell your Facebook fans about special things you do on the air, and post a link to your stream so they can click open your stream from your brand’s Facebook page.
  2. On the air, tell your listeners the benefit of listening to your online stream:  songs you don’t get to hear on the radio broadcast; special artist news or hints to play contests; if your brand is signal-challenged, you can listen clearly all day at work.
  3. Put your streaming link in your website header, nice and big, so people can access it from every one of your web pages.


Three ideas to promote your “Songs We Played” page:

  1. When your DJs “backsell” a song, they can also point out that every song you play is listed on your “Songs We Played’ page.
  2. Some of your Facebook posts can be about the special stuff you can do at your “Songs We Played” page … whether it’s read the lyrics, see a video, or buy the mp3 … with a link to that page from Facebook.
  3. If the main traffic generator at your website is a series of rotating slides that link to different pages or features, occasionally put in one for your “Songs We Played” page to keep your hits up.


Three ideas to promote your online event guide:

  1. When you talk on the air about concerts and events, always tell people they can learn more at your online event guide.
  2. As you announce special concerts to your Facebook fans, link to your event guide.
  3. Instead of talking on-air about a lot of different things going on this weekend that people can do in town, mention one or two and promote your online event guide.


Three ideas to promote your morning show blog:

  1. During the workday, link from your Facebook page to sections of your morning show blog so your fans who didn’t hear the show can stay in touch with the brand.
  2. Make sure you’re using your best website real estate to promote your morning show.  They’ll feel good about it, and people can find their content on their blog by following a link from the front page of your site.
  3. Your midday and afternoon talent can sum up in one line something your morning show talked about, and urge people to go to your website to offer an opinion or to take part in a survey.

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