The More You Aim At The Goal, The More You Score

I know the answer to the question already.  I suspect you do, too.

Is all this work you’re putting into your website and social media getting you anywhere?  Do your database emails do any good?  If you’re texting, are you accomplishing anything?

A year ago February, I wrote a piece on having goals and using your digital “stuff” to help reach them.  Click here to read Gotta Have a Goal (or 2).

If you’re working at a radio station, you have goals to reach.  I know you have ratings and revenue goals.  You probably have specific, measurable goals for your website, too, which might be about total number of hits, or number of unique visitors, or page views per visit, or something else.

For most of us, even those of us who showed up in radio during the digital era, the broadcast is still the 800-pound gorilla.  We put most of our energy into that, whether it’s programming or sales or whatever our job happens to be.  That’s totally understandable; it’s what gets most of both the listening customers and advertising customers.  Too often, however, we see our website, social media, and other digital tools as a whole separate territory.

See, we’re posting stuff online and on Facebook and Twitter and sending out mass emails … and not thinking about them in a brand-building way, or even measuring their results.  Stop and think about what you’re under the gun to get done, goal-wise, at work.  What are you doing with your website to get you there?  What did you post recently on Facebook to help make that happen?

If you haven’t thought about that stuff, you’re probably just spinning your wheels, and … like so many brands … doing “all that web stuff” just to say you’re doing it.   To start off with, here are some things that don’t count.  It doesn’t matter how many thousands of people “Like” your Facebook page.  It doesn’t matter how many Twitter followers you have.  It doesn’t matter how many people Facebook says are “talking about” your brand’s page.  None of those are linked to the numbers that matter for you.

It also doesn’t matter how email newsletters you send out, especially if you don’t put anything special in them, or if less than 10% of your recipients even open the damn thing.

However … if you need more listening occasions, and you use your digital tools to help remind folks who don’t have your station on to turn you on, I’d say you’re helping yourself.  You’re also helping them, if they enjoy your brand.

If you need to grow revenue with stagnant ratings in a stagnant economy, you can build multimedia schedules for your clients using all your platforms, each in their own effective way, giving them the power of a multiple-station buy for a fraction of the cost.

Go spend some time thinking about this, and then call a brainstorming session with your smartest people, no matter the department or title, and see what you can get going.  I’m happy to help, too, with questions or planning.  Be a winner.

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