The Early Word on Facebook Brand Timelines

So what’s the early story on Facebook’s Timeline for brand pages?  Well, it’s like election night on TV when they say “it’s still too close to call…”

However, it looks like what Facebook changed may actually be causing people to look more often at brand pages.  We know that people who use Facebook tend to engage more with posts that use a photo or a video to call attention to it.  It seems, from very early data, that an incremental number of Facebook users are actually going to check out brand timeline pages, instead of just viewing branded content as it comes up on their news feeds.

I would encourage you to:

LOOK at your brand page regularly … at least once a day

THINK of your Facebook brand timeline as an alternate entrance to your brand, with content that gets people to:

  • listen to your broadcast,
  • log on to your website, and
  • visit your on-site events

PIN or HIGHLIGHT your posts most likely to get your fans to use your brand

SPEAK with one, clear “brand voice” in all your posts so your page looks … and mentally sounds … consistent

For more information on this topic …


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