Back to Basics

I’ve had lots of new visitors to the site, so here’s a quick recap of how you can be using your digital tools.  This is different from how most radio stations are using web content, social media, and so forth … I’m assuming you don’t have a lot of time or resources to spread yourself too thin, so I’m all about getting you more listening and more web hits.  You know … the stuff that counts.


Your fans think your station website is the place to come to find out more about what they already heard on the air.  Not necessarily different stuff … not necessarily wildly creative stuff … your site is part of your brand, so it’s very clear in their mind.  They should be able to go online and find out deep, focused content about what they just heard on your air.

Here are some features they expect to find prominently displayed:

  • An easy-to-find link to listen to your stream
  • A list of the last songs you played (if you are a music station)
  • A summary of news, weather, traffic, sports (if you are a talk station)
  • An event guide with concerts and fun things they might like to do
  • Informative show blogs that recap what your personalities talked about with links to extra information (for content-based morning shows and talk shows)


You should at least have a brand page on Facebook.  Your target audience on Facebook is your P1’s … your biggest fans who already do a bunch of listening.  You use Facebook to bring them behind the scenes and get them to listen even more.  This is not a separate stream of content; this is a point of entry into all parts of your brand for your biggest fans who may not be listening at the moment.

Twitter is great as an information service, but a terrible call to action.  If you’re a news/talk station, Twitter is a great way to send out breaking news bulletins or traffic and weather alerts.

If adult women, particularly working moms, form the heart of your target audience … consider Pinterest.  On Pinterest, you can use graphics to hold up a mirror to their lives, and build emotional bonds with them.

Store any station videos at YouTube.  Don’t make a big deal of sending people there, but you can embed them in your website and post them at Facebook.


People who sign up for your emails are very similar to those who “Like” you on Facebook.  They tend to be your biggest fans who like using your brand, and are looking for insider info.

Treat your email and text lists to special information in each email or text.  Whether it’s giving them advance warning about something cool you’ll do on the air, or letting them know about a special contest, these people will pay off with increased listening for YOU.  Never just copy your promo liners into your database emails and call it a day.


Our online streams are getting more and more listening all the time, on all sorts of devices … computers, tablets, and smartphones.  Your stream, instead of being a dumping ground for bad songs and evergreen PSAs, can be a destination.

Can you promote that you play more music or different types of music on your stream, as you cover commercial breaks?  Can you take some of those units, and produce “commercials” for your station with meaningful information about how to use your brand more often?


Got a question?  Click here for my “Questions & Suggested Topics” page.  Or, check the list in the right column of the posts that your competitors have already been reading the most!


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