Weekly News: Know Your Millenials, Facebook’s IPO, Facebook Ads Down, and More

By the time you finish reading this, you’re going to be so much smarter about digital media than you already were, your head’s probably going to explode.


I found these four great pieces about how we use these digital tools we have, and who we’re targeting.

Click here to read an infographic titled Which Social Network Should You Use — and When?  In the same way that different radio brands have different content and different targets and different reasons for clients to use them, the benefits of using different social media platforms are becoming clearer all the time.  Not all of them are right for you … even the big ones.

As we get better at using our digital tools and find more creative uses for them, we’ll come up with more stuff like this:  Click here to read 8 Hot Media Trends You Need To Know.  Is there something on that list you could start working on now, and quit doing something old-school like selling remotes?

Those of us who are Gen-Xers or Baby Boomers sometimes have stereotypical ideas of who the members of the Millennial generation are.  If your brand targets 18-34’s, click here to read New Research: 6 Distinct Segments of Millennials Identified.  It’s a good, quick snapshot that shows how digitally social these folks are … but also how there are key differences between them.

Also, if you click here to read Content Marketing – Are You Solving Problems or Creating Noise?, you’ll find a piece that helps show the difference between the illuminating light of good content and the heat of marketing and promotion.


Click here to read Facebook Reportedly Looking at May 17 for IPO.  When Facebook goes public, will they become just another corporation focused on earnings and the stock price instead of socially bonding and communicating?

Meanwhile, Facebook’s advertising results for first quarter of 2012 shows they haven’t found the magic formula yet.  Click here to read Facebook Ad Engagement Down 8% in U.S.


No one’s looking to the humor site, The Oatmeal, for brand-building digital advice … but you could do worse than pay attention to this advice.  Click here to read How To Get More Likes On Facebook.


You may have missed these two Chris Miller Digital blog posts this week:

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