Weekly News: Exposure Tips, Engagement Numbers, Radio vs Pandora, and More

Here’s some news from the past week that’s more germane to your media brand gig than anything in the Sunday paper.


Spotify, which is a music service that lets you organize your own music library and search for new music, is planning to take on Pandora, which allows listeners to create their own streams of music based on seed songs the listener chooses.  Click here to read Spotify Reportedly Creating Online Radio Station to Rival Pandora.

Meanwhile, researcher Mark Kassof released a study on the perceived differences between radio and Pandora.  I’m not sure how actionable it is, because people don’t listen to radio, per se; they listen to specific stations.  Still, it’s interesting stuff.  Click here to read Choice: THE Difference Between Pandora and Radio.


Some of these make more sense than others, and you don’t want to try to suddenly do all of these ideas … but see what jumps off the page at you as something you can start doing.  Click here to read 10 Tips to Gain More Exposure on Facebook.

Although I think this guy likes using big words a little too much, I agree that ultimately, you should not measure your social media performance by what Facebook and Twitter tell you; you should measure it against the meaningful business goals you’re trying to achieve.  Click here to read Engagement Ain’t Nothing but a Number. Why 1% Isn’t Good Enough.

Here’s a thought-provoking piece that could be especially meaningful for air personalities.  Click here to read Should You Combine Your Personal and Business Social Media Identities?


This is so incredibly sad.  Yet, I think it was only a matter of time before something like this happened, don’t you?  As if we needed more confirmation about how social media has become totally enmeshed with everyday life.  And death.  Click here to read Wife Learns of Soldier Husband’s Death Via Facebook.


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