Sunday News: Social Programming, Happy Brands and More

Dang, while there was not a lot of dramatic digital news this week, there was a ton of good brand-building advice that I found that I hooked you up with via the Chris Miller Digital page on Facebook.  Every Sunday, you get a convenient weekly summary, and you can even sign up to the right to get blog updates via email.


TV programs and networks that have tapped into the “second screen” experience have taken a major leap ahead of the rest of us broadcasters who haven’t figured this out … people like watching something on the tube and interacting on their phone, tablet or computer at the same time.

Cable network Bravo has a late-night talk show built around this concept:  Watch What Happens Live.  Click here to read Watch What Happens Live: Behind the Scenes of Bravo’s Most Social Show


HD Radio, FM chips in cell phones … we sure do get sidetracked by issues that our listeners and advertisers don’t care a bit about.  That’s my opinion, and I believe it will be proved right over time.  Here’s a good thought about the current attempt to get FM chips in phones.

Click here to read Do Consumers Really Want an FM Chip in Their Smart Phones?


The “Brand Voice” that you speak with in social media is important.  You can’t BS your fans with a fake or hyped tone.  Even though you may be talking to lots of people on your Facebook page, it’s important to keep things very one-to-one and natural.  Do you come across well when you’re just natural?

Click here to read Three Reasons Why Happy Brands Win in Social MediaIt may be a real wake-up call for you.


You’ll be a happy brand if you see that you’re thinking strategically, and not falling into some of the traps that cause people to spin their wheels and lose interest of their fans in social media.

Click here to read 3 Warning Signs That Your Social Media Efforts Will Fail.


The best social media managers are keeping their ear to the ground for the most accurate info about how to get a leg up on the competition using Facebook’s brand Timeline pages.

Click here to read 8 Ways to Get More Out of Your Facebook Fan Page Today.  Instead of just theory and opinion and guesswork, you’ll get some really practical tips about how to do a good job for your media brand.

Did you know that your social media and your email program can be an awesome, powerful combination together?  Think of it … email used to fill the communication needs that what we now use social media for.  Plus, email has a much longer shelf life than what we put on Facebook.

Click here to read 9 Ways to Integrate Email and Social Media Marketing.

One reason (of many) that your fans might visit your website is to find how to find you on Facebook or Twitter.  Are you making that super-easy for them to do?

Click here to read How to Display Social Media Buttons.


Here are links to my most recent CMD advice columns this week:

  • Herding Listeners, about how to access the power you can draw on from your biggest fans, moving them from one of your platforms to another; and
  • Email CPR, with some thoughts to help you get started on a new database email program, or reinvigorate and refocus what you’re doing now.

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