Passionate, Happy Fans

Here are three ideas for how to help grow your brand using your social media, using your existing fans.  And when I say “grow your brand,” I mean in the ways you’re measured and evaluated on … listening occasions, website visits, and even how you do at public events.


Always keep in mind that your Facebook page can be your “frequent fliers” list.  These are people who are naturally predisposed to use you, enjoy what you do, and come back for more.

That doesn’t mean they’ll come back as often as you want them to, or as often as they could.  Talking with them is less like promoting and more like reminding, too.  Don’t take them for granted, but talk to them as if they’re in the inner circle with you.  Keep your tone one-to-one.

They can’t possibly know everything you have going on, so social media is a good way of keeping the important things you do on their radar.  Remember to speak about the benefits of using you, and keep the hype level down.  When you can, give them extra information they won’t hear on the air to help keep the perceived value of your social media high.


Stop and think about it, and you probably run a lot more platforms than just your broadcast.  Got a website?  On Facebook or Twitter?  Do you send out emails?  Do you do on-site promotions?  Maybe you even do outbound texting or something else above and beyond what other radio brands do.

Don’t ever assume that your big fans know everything you do.  You always have the chance to re-introduce to them the benefits of using what you provide.  Is there a good, specific reason you want people to sign up for your emails?  That’s a good thing to remind them of from time to time.

Want them to listen to your stream?  Post a link on Facebook when you’re talking about some cool reason to enjoy what you do on the air.  Here too … it’s about benefits, not just promoting.


What’s the reason that you do the great stuff that you do?  This is a way to avoid talking about just one promotion after another.  Almost nobody needs to listen to the radio, but they do it because it satisfies some internal need.  It makes them feel or believe something that they enjoy.

Remember to touch on those feelings or beliefs or values when you talk to your big fans in social media.  If you’re a country station, “We love Country and we live it, too” could be a good over-arching reason to remind your fans about a lot of stuff you do on the air or on the web.

What do you think?  Feel free to comment below, or on the Chris Miller Digital Facebook page.


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