3 Quick Free Tips to Upgrade Your Site

We broadcasters sure know broadcasting, but sometimes we forget that digital media can work completely differently than the medium we’ve been working in for years.  So, here are three tips to make your website better … and you can start doing them RIGHT NOW!


People read about a quarter or less of what we write for the web.  Don’t cut and paste your promo copy and put it on your website.  Think about what your fans really want to know.  Then, write it clearly and briefly, to make your web content as helpful as possible.


Yes, even in graphics.  Choose a font and stick with it.  On everything.

When you use a new font on every graphic you put on your site, your fans can automatically think they’re ads, and their eyes can just gloss right over them.  A predictable, readable font gives your site consistency.  It’s roughly the equivalent of your listeners or viewers hearing or seeing the same voices and faces whenever they use your brand.


Many web users truly hate sites with elements that move and jump around.  Ideally, your brand should have a site that’s useful and easy to make visual sense of.  Animation does nothing to make your site more fun or “cool.”

By the way … if you find yourself doing something on your website just because it’s cool … and there’s no other good reason to do it?  Don’t do it.

What do you think?  Feel free to comment below, or on the Chris Miller Digital Facebook page.

Got a question for me?  Let’s talk.


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