Controlling Your Image, Why Small is Good, and More: Sunday News

To keep you as digitally brilliant at work as possible, I keep my eye out for just the right news stories and post them on the Chris Miller Digital Facebook page.  Then, you get a quick n’ easy convenient summary every Sunday here on the website.


You and I both know that good marketing is a blend of right-brain and left-brain activity … the marriage of both science and art.  What you say and do about your brand in social media is no exception.  Social Metrics: Market to the Head? Impossible. is a piece from a guy whose motto is “market to the heart; sell to the head.”

When you put your brand out there on the web … specifically in social media … you’re really taking a risk with what people are going to say in response to what content you post.  How do you control that?  That’s a question that many brands have been very concerned with.  Even though the short answer is, “You can’t,” it’s still worth reading How To Control Your Brand in Social Media for some good insights into this issue.

Sometimes, when we show our brand’s public face to the world, we take steps to make ourselves seem even bigger and more important than we are.  You’ll find how, in social media, smaller can be better when you check out Why Small Businesses Have A Huge Advantage Over Big Brands In Social Media.

First the web in general … then, social media specifically … helped dramatically alter how many of us hear about news for the first time.  Even if your brand doesn’t rely on news as a major content element, I recommend you read How is Social Media Impacting Traditional News Distribution?  It’s a great overview of just how information is being consumed these days.

Yeah, they’re really doing it.  As if people didn’t go through enough drama when Facebook’s Timeline pages rolled out the first time!  Now, they’re thinking of changing them.  Read about it in Facebook Tests New Timeline Design.

The mistakes people make in social media often start with what you think about what you’re doing, instead of what you actually do.  Yes, social media, in some ways is very much like other media.  In some ways, it’s completely different, and trying to get an apple to be an orange is going to end in disappointment.  To illustrate, here’s 3 Deadly Sins of Social Media Marketing: Facebook, Groupon, and Pinterest.


Here’s what you saw from me this week:

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