The Power of Emotion

Those of us who work in the media spend a lot of time thinking about the ingredients that go into our product.  Sometimes, we start to fool ourselves that those ingredients (long sets of great songs, best local news, entertaining personalities, whatever) are the reason that people listen or watch.

The reason people spend time with us is all about feeling.  It’s about the change we cause in their emotional state when they turn us on.  The ingredients are important … but if there’s no reliable emotional change in using our brands, what’s the point?

So here’s an illustration of how that happens online.  This article talks about one man’s experience getting a brief, targeted email, and how it made him act to help a cause he believes in.  It’s worth reading not just for why he thinks it’s a great email (and the email is pictured to the right).  It’s also worth reading to remember that you have a target audience, and your most passionate fans can react to what’s at the core of your brand with the same level of emotion.

You may not be helping kids in Africa.  You can still have the same emotional impact, helping people relax or feel informed or laugh or feel stimulated or whatever it is you do for them.

This email is incredibly brief, focused and well-staged compared to most stuff we send out.  When you click on it, it takes you to this page where you can learn more and make a donation.  You’ll note that this “jump page,” too, is very well laid out, emotionally-based and focused on one message and one action.  Even the donation amounts are tactical in nature, with text explaining the good that each level of donation would do.

Now … if you’re sending out regular email newsletters, you may not be able to send out something this focused in 50 words or less.  That’s OK.

The take-away here, as they say, is the emotion and the focus.  People didn’t sign up for your brand’s emails because they want to know all your public appearances and your promotions.  The root of the reason they signed up with you is to get more of the feeling that they get from your broadcast.

How can you give that to them?

What do you think?  Feel free to comment below, or on the Chris Miller Digital Facebook page.

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