One Thought Per Post

One way that we hold down clutter in our broadcasts is to preach, “One thought per break.”

People only have so much attention to give at any one time.  It’s just more respectful of our fans to be focused about our communication with them, and tell them one thing at a time.

Lately, I’ve seen a trend of air personalities doing more talking on Facebook about things they’re going to do on the air.  That’s a good thing!  Unfortunately, those posts are often a list of what’s coming up when, like so:

Hi, Facebook fans!  Happy Monday, and hope you had a good weekend!  Join me at 10am for Coffee Break Classics featuring 1987, and then your lunchtime request show at 12 noon!  At 1:20, it’s the Office Giveaway Contest, and then at 2, a commercial-free hour of favorites!!!  I can’t wait for you to join me today!  -Mark

What’s unfortunate about it is this:  the more you write, the more you tell them about, the less likely they are to pay attention or take action.

Want a good model for Facebook posts?  Think of it as writing billboards.  Hold way down on the number of words, and look for arresting graphics.  The graphics can come from a picture or a web page link or a video you connect them with.  This also means you can’t tell them about everything that’s going on in any one busy air shift today.  You can focus on the most important things, and move some fans from Facebook to your broadcast or stream.

Here’s another way to think of Facebook communication:  you see someone you need to talk with, but you’re late for an important appointment somewhere else.  You can make a meaningful, quick connection … you just can’t stop to waste any time.  Make one point; ask one question; link to one key thing.  It’s all about the focus and brevity.

What do you think?  Feel free to comment below, or on the Chris Miller Digital Facebook page.

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