Turn Fans into Influencers, Hot Searches and More: Sunday News

It’s another Sunday, and time for your weekly summary of digital stories I’ve found this past week … with the sole purpose of making you appear like you took genius pills when you get back to work on Monday!


In case you haven’t heard me say it before, how many social media followers you have is almost beside the point.  Of far more importance is to continually work to find constructive, meaningful ways for your biggest fans to join your Facebook page or follow your Tweets.  Then, always be working to give them insider information about your brand.

I was impressed with the five ideas contained in Stop Ignoring Your Most Useful Influencers: Your Customers (including their use of the phrase “insider info”).  Furthermore, 10 Social Media Tips From a Top Media Agency is a strong summary of ten points to help bring you further social success, too.


A list of what people are using this or that search engine for is not a new idea, but I recommend you at least take a look at Google’s Hot Searches.  This is a list of absolutely the biggest topics that people are searching for in the US.  One tip:  if you click the gear icon to the right of the phrase “Hot Searches,” and then click “Site Feed,” you’ll get a longer list of what people are searching for today.


Zynga is the company that has brought us Words With Friends, Bubble Safari, FarmVille and other popular online games.  However, as you’ll discover in Why Zynga is Shedding Users, they’ve been too reliant on Facebook as their main platform, and have been suffering user drop-offs as a result.  I think there’s a lesson in that for broadcasters, about being too reliant on their transmitters and not picking up and integrating their digital assets fast enough.


You may have seen this magazine cover featuring celebrity chef Rachael Ray.  Turns out it’s fake.  However … it shows why you should take an extra look at what you typed before you hit the ENTER key!


I really admire the job that Hubbard’s WTOP/Washington, DC, does with their digital platforms and digital content.

They deserve every bit of success they get.


Here on the site, you saw these updates from me this week:

Monday, I linked you to my Radio Ink column about my three favorite social media tools, two of which are incredibly low-tech.

Finally, I contributed a piece to AC consultant Gary Berkowitz‘s latest newsletter, with some digital hints that played off some of his valuable ideas for AC stations to build ratings.  My thoughts were all about taking those ratings hints and how to apply them to your website and social media.

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