Mobile Email: A Different World

Yesterday, I wrote a piece for called Tips to Rejuvenate Your Listener Emails.  It contained some general, all-purpose hints to get your database emails opened, saved, and acted upon.

So today, I’m gonna help you with your fans who view your emails on mobile devices.  At some poAs int, I imagine more people will be reading email on a phone or tablet than on a desktop computer or laptop, and that’s going to bring with it a new list of best practices.  So why not start now?


As the “Wizard of Ads,” Roy Williams has said, “Clarity is the new creativity.”

Your phone is the last place that you want to see a lengthy, rambling email.  So when you write your email, my advice is that you keep it short, and script out bullet points instead of text.  Also, be clear and obvious about why you’re sending the email.  Your headlines and introductory sentences for each topic are very important to getting a particular action from your fans..  Your subject line can work for you, too, but remember … on a phone, they won’t see a long subject line.  They’re probably see the first couple of words.  Hope those are good enough to get them to open it!


Along with writing the briefest copy about each topic, you can link to your website or other sites from your email.  Remember the differences in using a computer from using a phone.  On a phone, most people use a thick finger to maneuver around their tiny screen.  That means you want to make your links clear, make them stand out, and don’t force your fans to daintily touch their screen in just the right place.


I can’t stress this enough.  The less you write, the better the chances your email will get acted on.  Period.  Work to get your emails as short and focused as possible.


Don’t just send your email out and hope for the best.  Check it first.  Send a draft to other people you work with, so you can get feedback about how it looks on a range of devices.  What looks great on a large desktop monitor may look jumbled and confusing on a phone.  For the benefit of your station, your co-workers, your fans and your clients, fix stuff before the dang thing goes out.


For a few months, I’ve been experimenting with a newsletter-type format, with three pieces that go out in one email (and also get posted here on this site).  The response has not been what I had hoped, and I’m all about making it easy for you to get this info.  So, I’ll now be writing single-topic pieces that will go out on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Look in the upper right corner if you’d like to subscribe to this info by email.

You can still join the Chris Miller Digital page on Facebook for daily updates of digital news I think will help you do a better job.  In addition, I’ve just created the Chris on RadioInfo page here at this site, which I’ll keep updated with the articles I write for and occasionally as well.


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