Puzzle Solved

I love focus.

When you focus on the right stuff to do, generally two things happen:

  1. You increase your chances for success, and
  2. You know what it’s important to work on.

Now that we’re all doing jobs that in the past three people did, we don’t have the option to spin our wheels.  And when it comes to what you’re doing in the digital world, you’re either building your brand or spinning your wheels.  So here’s some focus on just what your digital assets are good for.

Excuse me while I ring this bell again … your biggest fans are much more likely to visit your digital platforms than the average listener is.  These people don’t need to be sold on your station; they love it already.  They need to be presented with extra information, opportunities, and content.  Each of your digital puzzle pieces are a good way to relate to and engage … in a different way.


No matter what sort of device they’re hearing you on, your stream … while attracting a relatively small group of folks … indexes very high in your heaviest listeners.  For them, this is not a distraction from your broadcast; often, it’s an extra way to listen that increases your convenience as a product.

So, what would you DO if you knew you were talking to plenty of big fans and almost no casual cumers?  The mind reels, huh?  Let me start you off:  you could do things to make them feel special and included, rather than just promoting at them.   What could you tell them as you’re covering stopsets, instead of just playing bad songs and evergreen PSAs?


Here’s what your P1 listeners WANT to do: they want to go to your website for deep, focused information about what they heard on the air, and they also want to find the usable, useful content they’re expecting from you (last songs played, accessing the stream, event guide, and blog summaries of your personality shows, for example).  They also expect, from using sites like YouTube and Facebook, that your site will be clean and well-organized and easy to get around.  So you have some work to do, huh?


Different social media sites are good for different things!  You don’t have to be on all sites … but here are some of the ones I see radio using:

  • On Facebook, your followers expect you to give them special exclusive information, deals that not everyone knows about, and extra access to talk with you.  Their favorite posts are the ones that are timely, useful and brand-related.
  • Twitter is great for sending “bulletins” so that your followers know something.  It’s also useful as a customer service (customer interaction) channel.  Plus, a recent conversation led me to realize that Twitter is probably a great way to micro-target parts of your audience.  If the station has a Facebook page, the jocks or talk hosts could all have different customized Twitter feeds that relate specifically to them.
  • Pinterest, while not as hot as it was six months ago, is still a great way to engage with adult women, but you have to commit time and energy to it.  Otherwise, you’ll look like crap.  This is not a job for an intern.


I covered a lot of this in a recent column for RadioInfo called Tips to Rejuvenate Listener Emails.  To be perceived as worthwhile, you have to commit to sending information that’s not available on the air.  It doesn’t have to be a lot; it just has to be worthwhile.  You have the opportunity to send your biggest fans something about your brand that they’ll open it, hang onto it and act on it.  What would YOU start doing?


Although many radio stations are just coming to the texting party, texting is no longer cool in and of itself.  Send information that’s worthwhile having.  I would recommend using subject-specific text lists, rather than pumping out general info to just one list.


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