Content Marketing: Not Either/Or

Content marketing is something that many radio stations struggle with in their social media.  It’s such a valuable tool, however, so let me pass on a couple of tips.  Basically, content marketing is the idea that the right content presented in the right way creates more interactions and builds brand loyalty.


Here’s one big problem with what brands do on Facebook and Twitter.  They post content that may be wonderful, emotional, interesting, and so on, but has nothing to do with the brand.  And no, random DJ observations on Facebook have nothing to do with why people are listening to your station.

If I don’t see the link between that cute kitten graphic you just posted and what your station is all about, I am darned sure the average listener doesn’t know why it’s there, either.  Yes, you will have a small number of people who might respond to anything.  They are like the people who show up at every remote appearance you do.  They’re way different from the normal people listening to you.

You’ve probably heard me say that people who follow you in social media tend to be your biggest fans.  Not every-remote-type fans, but regular folks with real lives who just flat-out enjoy what you do.  They probably enjoy seeing you show up on their Facebook page, and they may smile when you post a cartoon about how tough Mondays are, but it doesn’t get them to enjoy YOU more.  That’s just a crummy call to action (and more about that in The Marketing Part).

They followed you or “Liked” you because they want more of what you already give them.  If you just make at least half your social media posts about your radio brand, you will be miles ahead of your broadcast competitors.  I’d like to see you do more, but start with half.  That means you’re telling them more online about what you said on the air.  You’re giving them special insider information about things you do.  You’re cluing them in to deals they can take advantage of.  NOW you’re creating some value for your digital efforts, and you’re starting to get this wacky content marketing done right.


You may have also heard me preach that your social media can be your frequent flier list.  Because these are people who already love you and want more, but don’t have all day to listen and listen and listen, you don’t need to promote to them.

As a matter of fact, when you talk in promotion-ese to them, it creates distance instead of connection.  “I already love you!  Why are you talking so phony to me?”

You’re not promoting to them, you’re pulling them behind the curtain and giving them special information.  The marketing part of content marketing is not about getting them excited about something.  It’s more about having content and a message that together form a great call to action.  That call to action is to get them back to your broadcast; back to your stream; back to your website; or back to sign up for your emails and texts.  Again … without promoting.

The content is the promotion.  That means your content needs to be about you or something you do to get your big fans to use you even more.

They’re up for it.  They just need to know how.  If you treat them as specially as they would like to be treated, they will reward you with bigger brand loyalty across all your platforms.


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