I’m Chris Miller, and I’ve programmed successful stations in Atlanta, Portland and Cleveland.

For the last couple of years, I’ve been an internet entrepreneur, and have discovered that digital media doesn’t work like many radio people think it does.


Contact me via email or at 216-236-3955 if you want to discuss how your social media, web content and other digital assets are working for you.  Conversations are free!  Regular help is reasonably priced and custom-crafted for your situation.


In this blog, you get a free daily guidance from me how to do social media and other digital offerings better for your radio brands. We’re all under the gun to suddenly be 21st century genius brand managers, and there’s little practical guidance how to get there.

To start with, here’s the executive summary about social media:

  • your social media is jam-packed with some of your biggest fans.
  • you should act accordingly, and treat them special with what they want: extra access and extra ways to engage and interact with you.
  • your social media should support you in your specific goals you’re trying to hit (eg., more listening, more web hits)

Here’s more about what I can do for you, and a couple of different service plans.



  1. Lisa J. Smith

    Your site is wonderful and so helpful! It is so overwhelming branding and using all the tools that internet has to offer to market yourself and reach a larger audience. Your blog takes away all the ‘noise’ and leaves us with the most important and up to date information out there. Your expereince in radio is priceless…Thank you for weeding through all the ‘stuff’ and bringing us the most helpful ideas! I am sure for all those that worked for you in the past…you have taught them well and touched their lives! I hope they know how lucky they were to have had YOU as their PD!

    Lisa J. Smith
    CBS Radio

  2. Chris Krok


    WOW, what great stuff!! LOVE the Leno writer and brand-building links…I’m afternoons in news/talk and we all need to learn how to rock with this stuff!

    Thank you for the great ideas!
    Chris Krok
    570 KLIF/Dallas-Fort Worth

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