Service Plans

Are you getting the most out of your digital assets?  You can be using them to super-serve your fans and reach your goals.  Here’s how Chris Miller Digital can help.


Based on your needs, format, market situation and on-air qualities driving your ratings, we’ll come up with a customized strategic plan to get all your digital tools … website, social media, texting, database emails, whatever you got … in Brand-Building Mode.  We want all your platforms working together, like gears all moving together to build your radio brand.  We’ll also coach key managers through this strategic plan to ensure the best implementation.


In addition to the above 1-Month plan, we’ll be available for regular consultation to guide ongoing execution of your digital success plan.  We’ll help you determine what metrics to use to most meaningfully measure your growth.  We’ll keep you up on any new media developments worth taking advantage of … and help you avoid distraction from new technology you don’t need to focus on yet.  We’ll work with programming, promotions, your webmaster and sales, too.  This way, all your key people get as smart as possible, as you make all your platforms work for YOU.

Need some real practical help?  We’ll help you choose web content and we’ll help post your social media … or even run it for you.

Click here to contact Chris Miller to start talking about your situation, and find out about pricing for your market.  We can also come up with a solution that’s designed and priced just for your situation.


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