What I Offer

Are your digital tools a distraction?  Or do you know for sure you’re using them to build your brand?

You can have a website chock full of content.  And your staff can be posting on Facebook and Twitter about all sorts of subjects.  However, none of it may be helping where it counts.

You need more people listening to or viewing your brand.  You want them to come back more often than they do now.  You could use more unique website visitors, and you probably want them to visit a whole lot more pages than they do now.


I’m a media guy.  I programmed successful radio stations in big markets like Atlanta, Portland and Cleveland.  I’ve worked in web-based businesses, too, and I’ve seen how people really use digital media.

What do people expect from your website?  Why do your fans “Like” you on Facebook?  There’s a very short list of reasons for each of those.  You might be surprised at what they are.  Most radio stations stumble into a couple of them but miss others completely.  I can tell you what they are.

What most media people miss is this:  All your different platforms … what you do on the air, what you do online … even what you do on-site at events … can be used to get people to use your brand more often.  You can do meaningful things on the air, on your website, in your social media and at events and appearances to make that happen.

Plus, you have numbers you need to hit.  You can use your platforms to get people to use your brands in ways that help your ratings and your website stats.


I start by learning your programming strategy and tactics.

We then adapt your strategy and tactics to fit the digital tools you’re using.  There’s no cookie-cutter solutions for your brand!

Your fans love you for a short list of reasons.  Those qualities drive your ratings success on the air.

When they think about going to your website, or “Liking” you on Facebook, or signing up for your email newsletters … they’re hoping to get more of what they already love about you.

That’s what you need to give them, and I’ll help you figure out how to do that.  Step by step.  You … your staff … and whoever you work for, too, if you want.

Here are some different ways we could work with you … geared to help you use your digital assets to build your brand and reach your goals.

That’s true 21st Century Brand Management.  Here’s how to reach me to start a confidential conversation about your situation!


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